Happy Pi Day

pieHappy Pi Day, everyone! To celebrate this illustrious occasion, I decided to make one of my favorite pies — banana cream — so custardy, so sweet. I was going to attempt to improve upon the epicurious recipe, but it was pretty perfect as is.

So instead of sharing a new recipe, I thought I’d tell you why I like the first piece of pie. As many pie aficionados know, the first piece of pie, like the first pancake, is often a sacrifice. It’s difficult to keep the first piece beautiful. It wants to cave in on itself. It doesn’t want to let go of the other pieces around it, but finally it slides away, allowing the rest of the pieces to be served whole.

I used to work in a bakery, so I ended up learning the trick of keeping each piece pretty, at least when they’re baked uniformly and cut equally. At home, though, I’ve never bothered. I’ve always loved its mushy yielding to the spatula. It may not be bonny, but it tastes just as good, and because it yields its solidity to either end, the person who gets the first piece usually ends up with a tad more of the treat than anyone else.

That’s why it’s the piece for me. It sacrifices for the greater good, is just as sweet, and offers a couple more forkfuls in the end. Happy Pi Day, everyone! Try to take the first slice — unless I’m serving.

And as far as pairings go, consume this baby with a good cup of coffee. I’d recommend an Ethiopian Yirgacheffe. Its floral aromas and lemon notes in the cup are what make it my all-time favorite. Just make sure to get a light roast to experience its full flavor profile. That’s a must! Have I ever mentioned I used to be a barista? It made me very particular about my coffee. In fact, learning coffee flavor profiles and attending many cuppings was actually what led me to my wine tasting obsession. Every single day still begins with an amazing cup of craft coffee, and I’d be a sad soul without it.


  1. Monte Ann

     /  March 14, 2015


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