Harvest Season

harvest season I love harvest season, all of the winter squash rolling in, the more muted colors of produce becoming dominant. The air kisses your cheeks scarlet and wood smoke curls above chimneys — it’s a beautiful time of year. For me, there’s almost a manic jubilance as if I have to get in as many sunny days outside as is humanly possible, and dinners tend to switch between the final salads from the summer crops and the common pasta dishes of chilly evenings.

A note on pasta — I’ve shared my favorite gluten-free pasta already, but I should let you in on the secret of Jovial. Their pastas are made from einkorn, the predecessor to our modern wheat. I’ve found that I’m able to eat einkorn with none of the issues of modern wheat — no gut problems, no swollen joints. The flavor is nutty, and the texture of the cooked pasta is like any al dente. Plus, it’s nutritious. I love it, and I’m glad that it’s a viable alternative to white and whole wheat pastas. I’m sure it will be gracing my dinner table on many a brisk night, especially as the snows find their way to our slopes.

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