A Pretty Pairing

fettuccineYou know how sometimes you hit upon a wine and food pairing so good the Heavens open and you can hear the angels serenading? I had one of those pairings last night.

It all started with a gluten-free pasta I’d been introduced to last week. A garlic fettuccine created in an allergen-free environment, it was worth trying. It ended up being well worth trying. I tossed it with butter, sage, and garlic, and it was fantastic. So fantastic, I had to have it again.

fettuccine-ingredientsWith this meal, I wanted to create something bright, fun, and satisfying – the same way you feel when you witness the weekend welcoming you in. The personalities for my plate included Cypress Grove Chevre’s PsycheDillic, raw pistachios, the aforementioned amazing Maninis pasta, a splash of cream, a tablespoon of salted butter, a drizzle of olive oil, and the true star of the show, Kendall-Jackson’s AVANT Chardonnay.

Since the pasta is fresh, the cooking time is only three minutes. While the noodles drained in the colander, I sacrificed a splash of the AVANT, along with the butter and cream, to create a sauce. Whisking quickly to avoid curdling, I cooked it just long enough on low heat for it to thicken slightly. I then tossed the noodles in a bit of olive oil to keep the noodles separated and added them to the sauce. The sauced-up fettuccine was then placed ever-so-lovingly on a plate, sprinkled with Chevre and pistachios and was ready to be served with the delightful glass of Chard.

Here’s where the chorus of Heavenly voices came into play. The green apple qualities of the wine were vibrantly lovely when paired with the bright flavors of goat cheese and dill. The light creaminess of the AVANT complimented the round, nutty flavors of the pistachios, and a truly synergistic dinner was enjoyed.

I have a friend who’s a winemaker in Napa, and she told me once that Chardonnay is the favorite of winemakers, as they get to create exactly the wine they want with the grapes. In Chardonnay, you see the character of its creator. As dinner was cleared and a second glass was enjoyed as my digestif, I appreciated the artistry that went into the AVANT. Crisp and light, it teased the nose with early autumn sunrises, flowed into the glass with pears and green apples and a delicately creamy mouthfeel. It was a beautiful wine to enjoy as the cool breeze tossed the oak trees outside. I savored the final drops as frogs began to sing their evening melody and was grateful for a delicious finale for my Friday.

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