A Dessert Recommendation

Chimney-RockThis is just a super-quick post to let you all in on my latest dessert obsession. It’s Cowgirl Creamery’s fall seasonal cheese, Chimney Rock, and a bit of NV Rosemount Estate Old Benson Tawny Port. I’ve written about the glories of savory and sweet pairings as dessert before, but this newest combination has taken my taste buds to new heights. The earthy and creamy flavors of the cheese with its touch of herbs added to the hazelnut toffee of the tawny — truly, this is what gastronomic bliss is.

Time For Dessert

dessertI have a killer sweet tooth. Honestly. It’s killer on my waistline. But I was at a wine event a couple of years ago that saved my sweets-lovin’ life.

It was one of those five course meals where every course had a different wine. For dessert, we were served blue cheese, almonds, and tawny port. The sweet course would never be the same for me again.

tawny-portNow that I’ve eschewed pastries for the savory-salty-sweet that a handful of raw almonds and some perfect cheese provide (last night, it was the amazing Boonter’s Blue from Penny Royal Farmstead), the choice of port is important. For the final course of the day to be fully satisfying, you need a dessert wine that will do justice to the craftsmanship of the marbled, aged creation of sheep and goat’s milk. The Graziano Syrah Tawny Port was an exquisite option. The complex, nectarous flavors made me yearn for colder nights spent snuggling by the fire. It was a toothsome treat, and a good way to punctuate a day. Honestly, who needs cake when there are endings such as these?

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