Dynamite Gluten-free Pancakes

Pancake-Waffle-MixThis week’s post is a quickie, but I think it’s a good discovery, and you might just read this in time to pick up some mix before your Sunday brunch.

This past Sunday morning, I broke out a gluten-free sample we had for some pancake and waffle mix. We’ve tried quite a few mixes in the last year or so, and this one is by far the winner. It’s from XO Baking Company, and it is flippin’ fantastic. The pancakes were between the thickness of a crepe and a sourdough pancake, and they were so tasty. The consistency was smooth, and the flavor was perfect. I was so excited that when I took a bite, the first thing I said to Charles — after I stopped chewing, of course — was, “I have to tell my blog readers about this!”

I just special ordered a case of the mix today. I didn’t get compensated for this post at all. The sample was something Charles brought home from work (the perks of working in grocery), and I was so pleasantly surprised by how the pancakes came out. With most GF mixes, I’ve found that I have to add applesauce to the recipe in order to get moist, flavorful pancakes, but as I said before, this mix was perfect. Obviously, I’m sold. I did just buy a case, after all.

My Sunday brunches are planned out for the next few months, I think.

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