Salmon Run

salmonSalmon, you crazy omega-3 filled food, you! Why must you be so very, very expensive?

Because of the price, salmon is a rare treat for us. I mean, I can usually get filet mignon for less, but when the mood strikes and the wallet is feeling a wee bit fatter than usual, a fresh salmon steak from the fish case is where it’s at.

When cooking – and when pairing with wine – treat salmon as you would a steak from a roly poly, grass-fed cow. My favorite method is to get the cast iron skillet crankin’ hot, rub the filets with Cajun spices, and sear those bad boys until they’re tender and just-cooked-through. Depending on thickness, the average I’ve found is about three minutes per side, with a deep lid placed over the top to trap in a bit more heat and moisture.

Place that pink wonder on a bed of risotto and drizzle with Larrupin Dill Sauce – the obvious and best choice of sauce for salmon. Since I had a teensy bit of Laychee left over after the manicotti mania, I placed the final dollops on top of each filet.

Accompanied by some broccoli rabe that had been drizzled with olive oil and dusted with parmesan and garlic and left under the broiler while the fish cooked, dinner was served, the combination of ingredients so perfect, I had more energy after eating than before. Don’t you love it when that happens?

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