Hitting the Juice

It’s local food season.

It’s hot.

I haven’t been feeling 100 percent lately.

I’ve had a headache for over two weeks.

Zits have been popping up on my face like I’ve regressed to my teens.

And then I watched Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dead, and an opportunity to feel better presented itself.

The film was inspirational, and in it, a woman who suffered from migraines tried a juice cleanse and then no longer suffered from them. That was enough for me to at least try it.

Today is day five of my juicing. The first day, I really wanted something substantial to eat. The desire to chew was pretty heavy duty. After that, it was pretty easy. I eat a really clean diet anyway, so I didn’t suffer any of the side effects that some people do when they begin a juice cleanse. Plus, it’s local food season, so veggies are easy to come by. Since it’s hot, really hot, I don’t have much of a desire to eat, so I’m staying nourished while other summers I might have just felt lethargic due to my lack of eating. I’m averaging about 1200 calories a day, so I’m definitely not starving. My insides feel better. My face is clearing up. My headache is lessening. These are all good things.

I had planned on doing a ten day cleanse, but I think I’m going to start eating a bit of veggies for dinner. The idea of zucchini sauteed with a bit of olive oil and garlic is too tempting to deny. BUT I’m not craving sugar, bread, or dairy — just fruits and vegetables in all of their wonderful forms.

Other things of note: I purchased a juicer because I discovered it was cheaper than buying pre-made juice — much, much cheaper. I supplement my juices with ones from work, for a bit more variety. I usually buy lunch anyway, (before this cleanse, a smoothie,) so that hasn’t really changed my spending habits. I find a glass of juice energizing in the morning, and the one at lunch just feels really good.

What am I juicing? Combinations with kale, spinach, apples, celery, lemons, and cucumbers. What am I buying? Usually, the Crimson Earth or Grass Valley Summertime. The former is beets, carrots, spinach, tomatoes, and jalapeno. I usually don’t like the dirt flavor of beets, but I don’t pick up that flavor in the drink. The latter is apples, carrots, and orange juice — almost like dessert.

If you’re thinking of doing a cleanse yourself, make sure to do a lot of research, and speak to your doctor first. This is a major shift in diet, after all. If you try it, I hope it’s a positive experience. It’s definitely been one for me.

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